What’s Your Why?

Chasing dreams is no easy task, especially if you don’t know your why.  The why provides the purpose, drive, and meaning behind the chase. Journey with Bonnie Jean Schaefer as she explores her why for running and writing.  

Why 26.2?: Discover the Internal Drive You Need to Transform Yourself Into a Marathon Runner


Training for your first marathon? Doubt your ability to succeed? Terrified at the prospect of facing the 26.2 mile monster? Wonder if you have what it takes to do something you’ve never done before? 

Bonnie Jean Schaefer understands your desire to run a marathon as well as the doubts and fears that accompany such a dream. Because at the age of 23, the marathon running dream captured her heart. 

She had no race experience. No running friends. No concept of how to train, what to eat, who to turn to for help. And with her with her super-slow-Schaefer-speed, she had no hope of being competitive. 

She had also been average her whole life. She believed running marathons was not something average people did. Running marathons was for extraordinary people who could do extraordinary things. Like run 26.2 miles in a single day. 

Even worse, no one else identified her as a runner. No one else suggested she run a marathon. No one else had extended her an invitation to enter the world of marathon runners. 

So why would she want to run a marathon? Why volunteer to run day after day, week after week, month after month? Because she craved the challenge. She longed to test her resolve. Her spirit. Her discipline. Her passion. She didn’t consider herself a real runner, but she loved running.

Still the questions ate at her. Could she run a marathon if she had no running mentor, no running friends and no race experience? Could she run a marathon if no one understood her dream? Could she run a marathon if she had to provide her own internal motivation to do what she had never done before, to do what seemed to her an impossible feat?

She is no expert trainer. No marathon running guru. She doesn’t provide marathon running advice or detailed marathon training plans. She simply tells her story in hopes that you’ll find the motivation you need to conquer the mighty marathon and live your marathon running dream. 





Why Chase Dreams?:  A Letter to God from a Woman Seeking Purpose and Motivation


Ever had a dream you wanted or chased for years, but despite the desire and effort, you just can’t quite seem to bring that dream to life? Should you keep trying? Or should you surrender? Give up? Find a new dream that’s easier and requires less work?
These were the questions author Bonnie Jean Schaefer began asking herself after finishing her second fantasy novel and before beginning book three. She knew know how much work this next book would take to write, and she was sure she would continue to see a trickle of income from continued book sales, but she wasn’t sure if the effort would be worth the financial reward. 
She would have to use her free time during the day to write while spending her evenings and weekends working her full-time job to earn enough money to pay her bills. While she doesn’t mind her job, the thought of continuing to just get by discouraged her. 
Why should she keep chasing this writing dream? What’s the point in investing all that time and making all those sacrifices if she had to keep working her regular job? What’s the purpose if she couldn’t make a living telling and selling stories? 
That had been her dream since college. College was a long time ago. Was it time to be happy with her small successes, cut her losses, and find a new dream to pursue, one that was more practical and with a greater chance of financial success?
Because these were the questions she was asking, she wrote a letter to God to get her thoughts out of her head and at the feet of His throne.
This letter won’t take long for you to read, but it just may inspire you to think about your own dreams and find your own reasons to chase them with relentless determination.